Crime and Punishment

How to Choose a Criminal Law Firm

Do you have a pending criminal case? It could be you have been accused of theft, corruption, murder, or manslaughter. More often than not, you will need a criminal law firm to prove your innocence in court. Choosing a suitable law firm can be quite challenging. Read this guide for some tips. 

Experience and Reputation

The criminal law firm should have positive reviews from clients and an excellent winning history from previous cases. Ideally, the law firm should have handled similar cases in the past. This way you can be sure that they understand the complexity of the matter and what awaits them in court. For instance, if you are accused of murder, the prosecution might insist that you remain in remand as they gather more information because you are a flight risk or pose a threat to the victim's family. A specialised law firm will know how to gather evidence to counter such allegations. 

Available Services

Inquire about the services provided by the law firm. For instance, you will require a firm with private investigators to gather evidence and background information on the prosecution witnesses. Some law firms have paralegals to research your case. Ideally, they will assess the ruling of similar cases in the past and use all of this information to get a positive outcome in court. 


The law firm should assess your matter and evaluate the possible outcomes. It helps manage your expectations. For example, mild criminal offences are considered infringements. Typically, you do not have to go to court. However, you will pay a small fine. The lawyers should advise you on a suitable approach. For example, you could pay the fine if you committed the crime or you could proceed to court to protect your reputation. 

There are cases when the law firm could advise you to accept a pre-deal from the prosecution to get a lighter sentence or become a state witness. This may happen if they determine that you are in a lose-lose situation. Your lawyers should also inform you about behaviours that might negatively affect your case. For example, you should not talk to the media or contact the victims. 


Compare quotes from a few reputable criminal law firms to comprehend the industry pricing. Most law firms will have reasonable standard charges. However, look out for hidden costs such as administration fees, private investigation, and transport. Also, you should be aware of the penalties for missed payments. For example, you could be fined if you make late payments or if you cancel the hiring contract without due reason. 

When hiring a criminal law firm, assess their experience, specialisation, professionalism, services, and pricing.